Friday, 27 February 2015

Why NOZPAD ADVENTURE will be game changer in Wearable Smart Glasses?

Glasses have been firstly a curative tool for vision correction and then a preventive for vision management and then became fashion-ware. And each of these transitions have rode the predecessor trend to evolve into new. So if history can be some peek into future, smart glasses have to fulfill three conditions for curative, preventive and fashion to disruption without destruction.

And in this space, Nozpad is uniquely positioned with defensible patents, USP of health & fitness, strongest team, long term strategy, and sharp focus on niche.
To start with, Nozpad ADVENTURE exists with a purpose. It is not a lost device which is searching its motive without motivation. But it is absolutely crystal clear for Nozpad to make world healthy by being intelligent, smart and honest. Glasses remain closest to breathing and brain which add a philosophical responsibility to be the brain of an integrated wearable system which has been pioneered as #InternetOfHealth. IOH is a framework of organising wearable techs around a user for optimal and synergetic function. Like a cardiogram wearable and partner with a temperature sensor wearable to do more things than individually possible.
World is bright for humanity to find a new discourse of economic and social efficiency of health system without loosing human touch. At the same time, we have to define some new rules of thriving in complex+fast+dynamic global economy where health, information and capital all have to find a new order. This is not the first time. Facebook solved that challenge in time for new global communication system which averted and is averting some major crisis in human history.
On the same lines, new epidemic and health scenario is evolving which needs a better mechanism of monitoring and controlling one's health by oneself, and where society should play the role of absorbing and feedback the change.
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Follow Prabhat on @prabhatkr. Prabhat is pioneer of #InternetOfHealth, Serial entrepreneur, founder and Chief Data Scientist of Nozpad. Follow for updates on@nozpad. #InternetOfHealth is open, secure and democratic health system.
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