Wednesday, 25 February 2015

Nozpad metric : Average Breath Shortfall

Nozpad glasses monitor breathing rate, rhythm and cycle. The app converts these complex data to simple dashboard of health status and forecasting.
Average Breath Shortfall is one of the metrics of holistic breathing. The app tells you the need of breathing regulation by this simple graph.
How to Interpret?
  1. Green (Below 50% ): Safe zone
  2. Blue (Below 80% ): Matter of concern
  3. Red (Above 80% ): Needs immediate consultation

Preventive Actions
There are many ways to correct the "breath short-fall", like workouts, running, swimming and yoga.
In yoga, there is a simple method called Anulom-Vilom which can be practiced for 20-60 breaths for correction of breath shortfall.
Here is an example of how breath regulation yoga of Anulom-Vilom affects sports performance and is also cure of many chronic illnesses.

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