Wednesday, 25 February 2015

How Nozpad works?

Nozpad glasses are attached with 2 special breath sensors to detect breathing rate, rhythm and cycle on both sides of the nose. This additional monitoring of breath cycle provides information about switching of breath in RIGHT-LEFT-RIGHT pattern. The breath cycle pattern has many indications about physical, psychological and meta-physical state of the body.
An ideal regulated breath cycle switched its sides in 2-3 hours. But certain conditions of age, food, stress and temperament alters this cycle. Also the great beauty about this nasal cycle is that altering it can greatly affect our health.
There are many exercises and yoga practices which directly and indirectly regulate our breathing pattern.
Regulation of breathing affects our metabolism, and mental focus. These two impacts alone are so powerful for cure of many ailments like hypertension, depression, blood pressure, etc.
Nozpad wearables and app help you in identifying the magnitude of deviation of breathing pattern from standard so that you can put right amount of focus on your health and choose right workout or yoga for the benefit.

Nozpad glass basic features

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