Thursday, 26 February 2015

Exercise Alarm: By Measuring body burnout through breathing information

Nozpad measures three major types of burnouts of the body, namely cardio, airflow, and balance. And you don't need to wear it for whole day, though maximum is better. The artificial intelligence system of the app can measure the burnout level of your body by measure of rate, rhythm and cycle. Therefore 2-4 hours of usage of the Nozpad device will show you the burnout level with 98% correctness.
Afterwhich you may choose an appropriate workout type based on the health indications.

  1. For Cardio, you may choose brisk walking and mild sweating type of workouts.
  2. For Airflow, running, lifting and stretch exercises can recondition your body.
  3. For Balance, Tai-Chi, Yoga, or Ball-workout can restore the body balance.
The app, also measures the month-on-month improvement of your health so that you can track your performance.

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