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Glass Style Option for ADVENTURE - Perk at Indiegogo

Lens Material Options for ADVENTURE


Eyeglass Lens Materials Option
Here are popular eyeglass lens materials, arranged in order of refractive index and lens thickness (pretty good indicators of cost). Except for the crown glass, these are all plastic materials.
Lens MaterialRefractive IndexAbbe ValueKey Features and Benefits
High-index plastics1.70 to 1.7436 (1.70)
33 (1.74)
The thinnest lenses available.
Block 100 percent UV.
High-index plastics1.60 to 1.6736 (1.60)
32 (1.67)
Thin and lightweight.
Block 100 percent UV.
Less costly than 1.70-1.74 high-index lenses.
Tribrid1.6041Thin and lightweight.
Significantly more impact-resistant than CR-39 plastic and high-index plastic lenses (except polycarbonate and Trivex).
Higher Abbe value than polycarbonate.
Downside: Not yet available in a wide variety of lens designs.
Polycarbonate1.58630Superior impact resistance.
Blocks 100 percent UV.
Lighter than high-index plastic lenses.
Trivex1.5445Superior impact resistance.
Blocks 100 percent UV.
Higher Abbe value than polycarbonate.
Lightest lens material available.
CR-39 plastic1.49858Excellent optics.
Low cost.
Downside: thickness.
Crown glass1.52359Excellent optics.
Low cost.
Downsides: heavy, breakable.

Friday, 27 February 2015

Why NOZPAD ADVENTURE will be game changer in Wearable Smart Glasses?

Glasses have been firstly a curative tool for vision correction and then a preventive for vision management and then became fashion-ware. And each of these transitions have rode the predecessor trend to evolve into new. So if history can be some peek into future, smart glasses have to fulfill three conditions for curative, preventive and fashion to disruption without destruction.

And in this space, Nozpad is uniquely positioned with defensible patents, USP of health & fitness, strongest team, long term strategy, and sharp focus on niche.
To start with, Nozpad ADVENTURE exists with a purpose. It is not a lost device which is searching its motive without motivation. But it is absolutely crystal clear for Nozpad to make world healthy by being intelligent, smart and honest. Glasses remain closest to breathing and brain which add a philosophical responsibility to be the brain of an integrated wearable system which has been pioneered as #InternetOfHealth. IOH is a framework of organising wearable techs around a user for optimal and synergetic function. Like a cardiogram wearable and partner with a temperature sensor wearable to do more things than individually possible.
World is bright for humanity to find a new discourse of economic and social efficiency of health system without loosing human touch. At the same time, we have to define some new rules of thriving in complex+fast+dynamic global economy where health, information and capital all have to find a new order. This is not the first time. Facebook solved that challenge in time for new global communication system which averted and is averting some major crisis in human history.
On the same lines, new epidemic and health scenario is evolving which needs a better mechanism of monitoring and controlling one's health by oneself, and where society should play the role of absorbing and feedback the change.
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Follow Prabhat on @prabhatkr. Prabhat is pioneer of #InternetOfHealth, Serial entrepreneur, founder and Chief Data Scientist of Nozpad. Follow for updates on@nozpad. #InternetOfHealth is open, secure and democratic health system.
Nozpad is wearable fitness alarm with breathing rate and rhythm tracker and works with IOS/Android/Windows apps. Read more at
Please support Nozpad for crowdfunding at
You can also buy devices here

Health & Fitness Alarm for time and type of exercise


Ever thought of an app which measures your body's burnout? Or how much and what type of workout? 
  • How about a workout alarm which tells the level of need for exercise? An alarm which measures body's burnout?
  • What type of workout or yoga do you need? Cardio, Airflow, or Balance?
We are building Nozpad for preventive and rehabilitative health regimes. 
Know about 3DH breathing metrics : See Below, Or  Know More in Blog
This is an easy way to overcome hypertension or depression through control over body's burnout without delay. Research has proven that breathing regulation can measure, prevent and cure burnout conditions of your body.
Meet Nozpad ADVENTURE!  

Power Packed Features of ADVENTURE: [A patent pending Technology]
  • Android 4.3, Breath Smart 3DH Technology
  • Storage : 4GB
  • CPU: ARM Cortex 1GHz lower power
  • RAM: DDRIII/512M
  • Resolution: 480X240
  • Storage Capacity: 4GB
  • Wi-Fi: Wi-Fi802.11b/g/n,
  • Battery: 250mAh lithium polymer battery
  • Speaker: Built in speaker
  • Camera: 720P HD Camera


BREEZE connects to your smartphone or PC via bluetooth to track 3-Dimensional-Health by breathing rate, rhythm and cycle and with 2-3 hours forecasts level of exercise and workout type needed to your body. This is a great way to stay fit and focus on precise workout regimes.

SOLO has same features as BREEZE and built into a wearable eyewear which makes it an optimal choice for home, office, party and outdoor usage.
Health Alarm: NOZPAD predicts workout needs and health deviations from three dimensional breathing.


Nozpad can help you control your breathing pattern for lower energy burn and higher output thus maximizing your performance. 
Help us make production grade Nozpad 3DH (3-Dimensional Health) breathing rhythm trackers embedded in glasses and nosewears (without glasses). You support will make a better world of health and fitness.
With such a powerful respiration tracking system, we are creating decentralised #InternetOfHealth system based on Nozpad and integrated with all wearables of your choice for holistic, free, secure, private and decentralised health system for all 5 CONTINENTS. 
Nozpad is Bitcoin of Health!
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NOZPAD is wearable nosewear and eyewear device for tracking of breathing rate, rhythm and cycle for health and fitness. Breathing sound and respiration cycle(right & left as well as inhale & exhale) is detected from both sides of nose through nasal bone conduction of sound waves. Ancient Indian, Tibetan, and Roman scientific studies have factual research to prove that breathing rhythmic cycle has significant impact on our health and fitness. Also at the same time, the rate and rhythm can predict early warning signs of evolving health conditions.
Help us make an open and democratic standard of health diagnosis #InternetOfHealth 
In our busy lives, we can greatly improve our efficiency and independence by self-managed live health monitoring of Nozpad.  It has become important to check our health deviations in available time and  without losing accuracy or affordability. Nozpad live tracking provides expert system advice and is easily accessible through Android, IOS, Windows and web apps. 

Nozpad is for improving your health through breathing control. It is broadly for Two Types of Users:
  1. Fitness - Efficient sports, training, and workouts with lower energy and higher output.
  2.  Health - Curative regime for Hypertension, Depression and Apnea.

We are adding more breathing rhythm, rate and cycle templates through machine model in consultation with subject matter experts for diabetes, cardiac, liver and lung functions. Apart from that, we also endeavour to add mental health improvement machine models templates.

The chart below explains the working of Nozpad. There are 3 stages of an iterative process for both health and fitness users.
Firstly, you need optionally preset your app for type of indication monitoring. We currently support 4 types, namely Hypertension, Depression, and Apnea. There is another type for Functional training for fitness which is customised for sports, training and workout. 
Second stage is for data capture, where a set duration of breathing cycle has to be measured for results. It varies from 4 hours to 12 hours. For apnea patients, it is recommended to be used at night using nosewear devices, which are ergonomic for sleep-time usage.
The third stage is transparent to users during which machine models are applied to data for identifying severity and causal patterns. The method of "Nadi Sodhan"(ancient science) is algorithmically applied to find corrective advisory for the users. It is advised to follow the advisory in consultation with supervisor who can be subject matter expert physicians. For local observations, the supervision can also be performed by parents, partners or coach.

We are working to add more medical indications for mental health, heart, liver and lung functions.

We have experienced breathing challenges of many people including some dear-ones who had problems of shallow breath, asthma, apnea, sleep-breath disorder and other respiratory problems. The problem has become more concerning for childrens who are often not able to express their problems and their physiological conditions are often ignored because of milder symptoms. This has motivated us to research the diagnosis methods and requirements of an improved preventive technique. Gladly we found a lot of knowledge available in ancient texts like Swara Shashtra(Sanskrit), Nadi Science(Tibetan), and Roman texts which highlight rhythm and rate of breathing as a key metric of our health for both retrospective as well as predictive outlook.

And thus, self-managed and portable continuous health monitoring has become a reality with Nozpad.

NOZPAD is three dimensional technology. While other devices like (, etc) measure breathing rate(air pressure of inhale, exhale and its time duration), Nozpad measures the air pressures, rhythm and temporal distribution in Left and Right Nostrils individually. Because of this, this device is able to capture hormonal, physiological and psychological state of body and mind.
Nozpads are suitable for all age groups and all types of activities including during sleep. 

    We have branded Nozpad-nozsewears as BREEZE. Nosewears could be used during sleep, swimming,  and sports. Breeze brand of nosewear devices are suitable for kids, elderlies and night-time breath activity monitoring for healthy living as well as for sports, tracks and high-energy activities. The unisex products are available in two variants of colour(Black, White). Breeze is a new revolutionary and fashionable nosewear for self-managed health tracking through feature rich upper respiratory monitoring. You just need to wear the device while it is powered-on and connect to a smart phone. In a few hours of use, you shall start receiving your health related information as analysed from your breathing rate and rhythm.
  3. Adventure brand of eyewear devices are suitable for all purpose universal usage. The unisex products are available in many variants of colour, style and model. Adventure Nozpads are designed for universality, agility, aerodynamics, and stability. 
    Solo brand of devices are suitable for home, office and party eyewears. The unisex products are available in many variants of colour, style and model.

To use Nozpad, firstly power-on the device, connect with your smart-phone(or smart glass or PC) using bluetooth and open the Nozpad app on mobile. And wear your device.

You can wear Nozpad at all times by opting among nosewears and eyewears for suitability of your activity. A minimum of 2-3 hours of daily use is recommended for impactful results.

 Nozpad app provides Status & Prediction types of health diagnosis. 
  1. Current and Trailing Statistics  shows rhythm line graphs of left and right nostril air pressure(waves), breathing rate variation and Body-Mass-Index to Breath Ratio.
  2. Three Dimensional Health predictive diagnosis is the crucial part of Live Health monitoring system which shows average breath shortfall and identified health conditions.

Average Breath Shortfall: A metric of breathing balance measure and completeness of breathing. It has three levels, 
(a) Green zone(Below 50%) indicates safe level
(b) Blue zone(50% - 80%) indicates concern and needs intervention.
(c) Red zone(>80%) indicates special attention and expert consulting.

Health Indications: This is a predictive metric derived from pattern of breathing rate, rhythm and cycle. We employ machine learning models built using exhaustive datasets of test cases to identify cardio activity, airflow, and balance of overall physical system. These indicators are helpful to consult with an expert of breath diagnosis.
We will gradually add more health indications to create a universal health standards based on breathing.

You can create a closed group of family, friends, and expert health advisors using the social app for an improved lifestyle management.

Social features of Nozpad are optional and predictive functions work without sharing your data with us or any third party. We maintain standardised models of health prediction based on breathing rhythm derived from our own research and closed group of users.

NOZPAD is built using computer based machine learning techniques derived from proven medical parameters. And human touch and care is irreplaceable as in case of doctors, expert professionals and specialised therapists.

We aim to create low cost health diagnosis system based on integration of many bodies of knowledge. So that a sustainable health system can be created for new global economic challenges of affordability and viability for masses. In long term, we aim to reduce the cost of Nozpad upto one dollar for globalised affordability through creating an ecosystem of health service providers and beneficiaries. We call it Internet of Health powered by breathing. It will be secure, source-anonymised for privacy and low-cost health syste. Also the platform will be open for public audits and open api for free collaboration and further innovation.

Nozpad is based on Bluetooth technology for connecting with a mobile device for data processing. The sensors come in both electret and  mems variety. We are also researching to study UV and IR technologies to make improved cardio-respiratory devices. The wireless technologies used by Nozpad are compliant to strict regulations of US and European governing units. Nozpad is a patent pending technology.

Thursday, 26 February 2015

Exercise Alarm: By Measuring body burnout through breathing information

Nozpad measures three major types of burnouts of the body, namely cardio, airflow, and balance. And you don't need to wear it for whole day, though maximum is better. The artificial intelligence system of the app can measure the burnout level of your body by measure of rate, rhythm and cycle. Therefore 2-4 hours of usage of the Nozpad device will show you the burnout level with 98% correctness.
Afterwhich you may choose an appropriate workout type based on the health indications.

  1. For Cardio, you may choose brisk walking and mild sweating type of workouts.
  2. For Airflow, running, lifting and stretch exercises can recondition your body.
  3. For Balance, Tai-Chi, Yoga, or Ball-workout can restore the body balance.
The app, also measures the month-on-month improvement of your health so that you can track your performance.

There are many cool applications of 3DH breathing trackers. Join us at Google+Twitter, Facebook and LinkedIn to share your feedback.

Wednesday, 25 February 2015

Nozpad metric : Average Breath Shortfall

Nozpad glasses monitor breathing rate, rhythm and cycle. The app converts these complex data to simple dashboard of health status and forecasting.
Average Breath Shortfall is one of the metrics of holistic breathing. The app tells you the need of breathing regulation by this simple graph.
How to Interpret?
  1. Green (Below 50% ): Safe zone
  2. Blue (Below 80% ): Matter of concern
  3. Red (Above 80% ): Needs immediate consultation

Preventive Actions
There are many ways to correct the "breath short-fall", like workouts, running, swimming and yoga.
In yoga, there is a simple method called Anulom-Vilom which can be practiced for 20-60 breaths for correction of breath shortfall.
Here is an example of how breath regulation yoga of Anulom-Vilom affects sports performance and is also cure of many chronic illnesses.

How Nozpad works?

Nozpad glasses are attached with 2 special breath sensors to detect breathing rate, rhythm and cycle on both sides of the nose. This additional monitoring of breath cycle provides information about switching of breath in RIGHT-LEFT-RIGHT pattern. The breath cycle pattern has many indications about physical, psychological and meta-physical state of the body.
An ideal regulated breath cycle switched its sides in 2-3 hours. But certain conditions of age, food, stress and temperament alters this cycle. Also the great beauty about this nasal cycle is that altering it can greatly affect our health.
There are many exercises and yoga practices which directly and indirectly regulate our breathing pattern.
Regulation of breathing affects our metabolism, and mental focus. These two impacts alone are so powerful for cure of many ailments like hypertension, depression, blood pressure, etc.
Nozpad wearables and app help you in identifying the magnitude of deviation of breathing pattern from standard so that you can put right amount of focus on your health and choose right workout or yoga for the benefit.

Nozpad glass basic features

Tuesday, 24 February 2015

Healthy Breathing is key to Cure of APNEA, HYPERTENSION, DEPRESSION and BP

Breathing is the first activity with which living things are introduced by the world. Breathing in itself is an autonomous function but healthy breathing is a valid concept worthy of explanation, demonstration and teaching.
Disciplined breathing can control apnea, hypertension, depression and blood pressure.
Here is an Infographic of impact of breathing on health and preventive care.

Monday, 16 February 2015

Breathe Easy with Swara Shastra

Ancient scriptures in eastern philosophy laid great emphasis on breathing as a way of healthy living.
Swara Shastra is another Indian creation on breathing techniques as well as it's implications.

Here is the full book at